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Webb-Stiles Company has experienced steady growth since its establishment in 1956. The original and now corporate headquarters are located in Valley City, Ohio (an hour southwest of Cleveland). Our southern division was established in 1977 and is located in Gadsden, Alabama (about an hour Northeast of Birmingham).

Company History

In 1956, Joe Webb and Don Stiles began the partnership that would become the Webb-Stiles Company. As sales representatives for stock conveyor equipment they noticed a need for custom conveyors and material handling devices. To fill this void they began engineering special custom equipment and having it built for them.

The rapidly growing partnership was incorporated into the Webb-Stiles Company in 1959. They acquired a 3200 square foot building in 1963, located in the Cleveland Flats. There they committed themselves to fabrication and manufacturing. By 1967, the offices and manufacturing facilities had tripled in size. Because of limited availability of expansion space, they were compelled to look to the future.

In 1968, Webb-Stiles acquired a 14 acre site in a new industrial park located in Valley City. In 1969, a brand new 67,000 square foot facility was built. The new plant was equipped with the latest in manufacturing and fabrication equipment. The new plant and equipments allowed for greater productivity and innovative engineering and permitted continued growth and entry into many new markets.

Throughout the seventies, the growth of Webb-Stiles Company was phenomenal, culminating in the expansion of the Valley City facilities with added plant capacity and new engineering offices. Webb-Stiles was almost a completely self-sufficient manufacturing company within the capacity of the 140,000 square foot plant. New equipment, personnel, and innovation in product is a continuing Webb-Stiles feature. old factory


Webb-Stiles penetration into the sunbelt market was made in 1977 with the formation of the Southern Subsidiary Webb-Stiles of Alabama in Gadsden. The 69,000 square foot facility is located on a 32 acre site. The expansion of Webb-Stiles allowed for increased expansion of the marketing area and allowed for our entry into the world market.

Webb-Stiles of Alabama significantly expanded during the eighties to become a completely integrated manufacturing plant with over 138,000 square feet of manufacturing and office facilities. Numerous pieces of equipment and machinery were also acquired during the expansion allowing us to efficiently produce the quality products and service you have come to expect from the Webb-Stiles Company.

Our engineering staff represents years of mechanical, structural, and electrical conveyor experience. Webb-Stiles is able to fabricate all work in-house, with over 320,000 square feet of manufacturing capacity between the Ohio and Alabama plants. Our specialization in the design and manufacturing of unique, heavy duty systems demands extensive application engineering and know-how of rugged product lines. The volume and diversity of conveyors manufactured by Webb-Stiles is continually expanding. The various needs of customers has led us to engineer and produce a large number of standard items, as well as a range of specialty units.

Webb-Stiles Company manufactures and installs a variety of Material Handling Equipment.

Our staff of sales engineers will be able to help with any inquiries.

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Our Departments


The engineering staffs in both the Ohio and Alabama locations are highly skilled in the designing of mechanical, electrical, and structural aspects of material handling systems. They have the knowledge and ability to customize your equipment to meet your specific handling needs.


Our highly skilled workers build your equipment to the highest standards. Between Ohio and Alabama, Webb-Stiles has over 320,000 square feet of fabrication space. Within this space we maintain a large inventory of material and components needed to manufacture our product. Our positive reputation for rugged, heavy-duty equipment ensures your product will defect free with dependable and trouble-free years of service.


Our staff of Senior Sales Engineers will talk directly with you to assure that your exact system needs are met. Our Inside Sales staff has the knowledge to handle the sales of individual parts as well as replacement parts. Webb-Stiles’ sales staff will assure the proper equipment, operation, and delivery of parts and systems.


Webb-Stiles maintains a staff of Field Superintendents with several years of experience in conveyor installation. Our crews are ready and able to handle large installation projects. The engineering staff also aids in the setup and start up of specialized equipment.

Parts & Service

Both plants maintain a large number of stocked parts and material in order to service our equipment.
We are able to make repairs on current systems or up-date our older systems.